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Union Bay Improvement District – the Good the Bad and the Ugly


The comparison between the two boards is alarming.  We have gone from a board who understood and knew what they were doing, dealing with complicated issues, to a board who doesn’t understand their own motions and are completely clueless and unable to grasp the issues presented to them.

Anyone watching the videos can see they are unfit to make informed decisions on behalf of the landowners of Union Bay.  Ignorant and arrogant and that’s after just 2 regular board meetings.  No matter how much they are coached by KIP prior to the meetings, things go to hell pretty quick when the self proclaimed dictator or wanna be Chief is faced with something he hasn’t been instructed on.

The following info is a breakdown of work the previous (good) board had undertaken working towards meeting VIHA’s mandate for potable water by Aug. 2018.   The three pro KIP trustees haven’t done their homework and are wasting precious time – or they are just wilfully ignorant, which we cannot afford.  Big egos no brains.

  • We had secured an extension with VIHA on an up and running date of the water treatment
  •  We secured the land (Hy 19) to provide the water pressure and eliminate future moving and double capital expenditures. The Land allowed for expansion of houses well beyond the 1045 total
  •  We passed a motion to start the land (Hy 19) clearing. Did it start??
  •  We had priced out a hydro connection
  •  Based on input from Koers we had instructed them to detail & price out all the equipment (Previously they had provided budget expenditures $1.8million) that would be required for the water treatment. This was to be reported back to Kevin June July time.
  •  Based on this being accepted they were then going to undertake the engineering (Building and infrastructure) so we could get going to meet the deadline.
  •  The Reservoir was going to follow on later ( we could use the Mcleod till then). Money was coming from what we had collected with little if any change in the yearly Parcel tax.
  •  I belive (Check Kevin)we were looking at borrowing $500,000 repayments would come from the parcel tax. There was a detail plan that Kevin carefully put together
  •  KIP’s, Money would be going into the fund $500,000. ????? 50 houses?


One thought on “Union Bay Improvement District – the Good the Bad and the Ugly

  1. I hate to say this but Kevin( he told me) has not been able to evolve a financial plan for even a one year plan ( 2017) let alone a five year plan including fire halls and trucks and sewers, considering developments due to events beyond his control,The borrowing proposed has not even been communicated to taxpayers let alone a referendum to consider such a move. Need desperately to have a financial vision and the current Board are a well-meaning clueless amatuers. No fault of Kevin’s The Board and previous Boards have let him down. Big time.


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