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It’s alarming how trustee Rick Bitten decided the 2011 Agreement was legal and binding.  He obviously didn’t understand the motion, although none of the three pro Kip trustees understood it which is displayed by their insistence they are asking for legal advice despite the fact the motion was to instruct the lawyer to take legal action enacting the force majeure clause.  Obviously, the three failed to read the previous opinions.  Trustee Bitten displays his ignorance when he claims the problems with Naramata landowners being sued by the developer because promises of water could not be provided claiming our situation is different.  WTF?  What a stupid statement.  To have someone support the 2011 WIA knowing UBID cannot provide 500 hookups is setting us up for the exact same situation as Naramata.  Pathetic.

Talking about committees,

Trustee Bitten wants to address the board about the committees.  Geezuz!


To quote Rick Bitten “WHAT A WASTE OF TIME”.