Fassbender’s Out – Who’s Going To Grease The Way for Kensington Island Properties aka 34083 Yukon Inc. Now?

KIP’s Liberal buddies are dwindling.  Fassbender lost in his riding last night – good riddance.

fassbender election results

Courtenay/Comox had a nine vote difference between the NDP and Liberals.  Absentee ballots will be counted and it looks like the Liberal candidate will probably win due to his military support expected in those absentee ballots.

courteny comox election results


Congratulations to Scott Fraser who successfully held his riding again last night and we are fortunate to have someone like Scott who isn’t full of empty promises now representing Union Bay in the Provincial government.  If the Liberals hadn’t shut down the fall sitting the situation in Union Bay would have been brought up and the Liberals would have had to justify their interference in the governing of Union Bay in Feb. 2016 when they believed a bloody developer and appointed a Facilitator to help that developer obtain a new water agreement.


mid island pacific rim election results

Had the opportunity to listen to Scott when he was at the Fanny Bay Hall.  It’s no wonder he’s been an MLA for 12 years as he is willing to fight for his constituents.  Very happy that we are in his riding now since we have been completely forgotten by the Liberals who are more interested in developers than people.


Congratulations to Selina Robinson who also was successful last night.  Selina was the NDP critic for Fassbender’s Ministry and also interested in what has transpired in Union Bay over the last year.

selina robinson election results




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