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Mary Reynolds vs Rodney Bitten and Meghan Bitten – Response Filed Nov. 15, 2017

This is a follow up to this post:

Stay tuned because the real meat will be the Examinations for Discovery.  That’s when the truth comes out.

Well, that’s quite the defense.  They knew it was my land and yet when I told them in March 2016 to remove their garden and landscape ties they refused and yet they claim they never knowingly trespassed?  And this gem:  “…the Defendants started to frame a fence on what they believed to be their property.”  Why did they believe it was their property  when they have admitted knowing it was my land prior to putting in the garden?

Someone should have read this Response to Civil Claim before filing it because it contradicts what the Defendants knew.

Doesn’t like my blog and thinks I have assumed a righteous attitude.  Ouch – how will I ever recover from that?

No substance.


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