Kensington Island Properties aka 34083 Yukon Inc. $5 Million Dollar First Mortgage on Union Bay Property

Thanks to the individual who sent me this info.

Gosh how things have changed since 2005.  Remember money bags was going to pay for everything.  They weren’t looking for investors; they budgeted for the remediation of the coal hills; paying for the water filtration system; build a sewage treatment plant Union Bay landowners would be able to hook into…….and on and on.

2017 KIP abandons the coal hill and violates the MDA by subdividing KIP’s contaminated section and sells to the province for a dollar.  Now you own it – good luck with that.

KIP promises to give Union Bay 2.2 acres of land for a firehall – originally 4 acres.  KIP promises to give 4 acres of land to Union Bay at the same elevation as the existing waterworks which does not provide sufficient pressure.  KIP promises to pay to adapt the water treatment plant to accommodate a second plant but landowners are footing the bill for the new water treatment plant.

These same Trustees promised their 66% landowner support that they would not have to pay and that they wanted the developer to pay.  Isn’t that what they ran and were elected on?  Isn’t that what the petition was about and Minister Fassbender appointing a Facilitator.  It was because KIP and his supporters wanted KIP to pay.  What happened?


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