Union Bay Improvement District Administrator to Report Back Nov. 16, 2017 to the Board Regarding Freedom of Information Requests

You’ll remember at the last UBID meeting Oct. 12, 2017 when six people sat and gave their opinions on how FOI requests would be handled and the belief their puny bylaws trump Provincial and Federal legislation.

Here’s the excerpt from when I downloaded the video of the meeting and edited out this portion and posted back to Youtube on my account.

Want to send a big thank you out to UBID for providing the meetings on Youtube giving all its users (including me) right to distribute, edit, etc.  Thought you wanted complete control over the videos.  Isn’t that why you changed the bylaw and spent time and money for ………oh wait – NOTHING.  Looks like UBID is violating their brand new bylaw #270.  

Of the six people, (all of whom speak) only Trustee Kaljur has any idea what is being discussed.  At least Trustee Elliott had taken some time to educate himself.  The other four were completely clueless.  They should be embarrassed by their ignorant uninformed statements.

These people never research anything it seems, just shoot their mouths off with no facts to back up their ridiculous statements.  We have no idea what information they are relying on before putting through motions and voting.  They certainly never correct their mistakes and instead prefer to leave the incorrect impression provided at the time contributing to the misinformation circulating in Union Bay.

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