Does Union Bay Improvement District Have an Unelected Trustee/Administrator Now?

You better think twice before sending an email to any of the Union Bay Improvement District Trustees on the contact page of the UBID website.

Perhaps they should include a disclaimer that only Union Bay landowners might be treated professionally – no guarantee there either!  I guess it depends on the mood swings of their spouses.

This is the response from the WIFE of a Trustee to a letter sent in an email to the Admin and all trustees asking questions regarding UBID issues.  Correspondence sent to an elected official about Union Bay Improvement District business.  Who the hell does she think she is?

You would think these guys would have an email account that is specifically to do with UBID matters instead of their spouses/shared emails to prevent crap like this happening.

Funny, I don’t recall seeing this individuals name on any ballot ever.  Only in redneck/dysfunctional Union Bay this is normal!

This is the letter sent to the Admin and trustees Elliott, Kaljur, Jacques, Bitten and Loxam.

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