Taking Action to Protect Our Water Source in Union Bay

Get off your rears –

A landowner with knowledge has provided important information to UBID and advised them of the Environmental and Land Use Committee:  http://bcwatersheds.org/wiki/index.php?title=Environment_and_Land_Use_Committee_Act

A huge thank you to those getting involved in protecting this valuable resource.

From: “David Mills” <daveyspey@icloud.com>
To: admin@union-bay.ca, islandcashservices@shaw.ca, bbitten@telus.net, ubjim@live.com, galoxam@hotmail.com, “Susanna Kaljur” <Kaljursv@telus.net>
Sent: Thursday, January 11, 2018 1:25:04 AM
Subject: Recommendation from David Mills to Union Bay Improvement District – Environment and Land Use Committee Injunction for proposed Langley Lake harvesting


Dear Trustees and CAO,

I have taken it upon myself to contact our MLA regarding the proposed harvesting of Langley Lake. I discussed the powers the Environment and Land Use Committee of the legislature (ELUC) has to protect Langley Lake. I believe this committee would be open to hearing a request from UBID for a temporary harvesting injunction. 

Please find attached a draft letter which can be used as a template to make such a request.

I am aware that many pieces of Provincial legislation impacting the right communities have to obtain safe, clean drinking water in adequate supply are under review and in time may lead to a permanent solution for residents of East Coast of Vancouver Island Communities like Union Bay. In the meantime I recommend you take the immediate step of asking our MLA to bring this request to ELUC.

I have contacted Area A representative Jolliffe and asked him to provide a similar letter. I recommend you reinforce with him the sensibility of this request. In addition I have asked Vancouver Island Water Watch Coalition to do the same. Which they have agreed. I note that Vancouver Island Water Watch Coalition has been an active ally of UBID in the past when it comes to protecting our drinking water.


Should you have further questions or require further assistance I am willing to volunteer my time to help. 

Note: As a resident of Union Bay I expect you do everything in your power to protect my families drinking water.

Kind Regards,

David Mills
4695 Kilmarnock Drive
Courtenay, BC V9N9S7
C: (250) 650 3444
H: (250) 335 2251
E: daveyspey@icloud.com


Mr. Mills also provide a template for anyone wanting to submit their concerns to our MLA Scott Fraser:

2018Jan10 Letter from UBID to MLA Scott Fraser

The photos below are from June 2013 showing the logging at that time.  4 1/2 years ago!


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