Union Bay Improvement District Agenda for Jan. 18, 2018 Board Meeting

For those wondering why this board tried to secretly kill the motion approved at the November 2016 meeting requesting information as to the pros and cons of joining the Regional District – this is your opportunity to ask Trustee Bitten why he is so opposed to acquiring information?   The old claim about the Admin not having time is bullshit.  The admin has wasted time and money on the toothless bylaw 270 since May 18, 2017 when he could have spent time on matters important to the landowners.

Also, ask why Chair Jacques went behind the electorates back and changed his vote after stating there was no harm in getting information – what did Bitten and Loxam tell him that convinced him there is harm in getting information?

What about all the huffing and puffing about how important it is to abide by UBID’s bylaws according to Bitten and who also admits Bylaw 270 is not what he envisioned – no kidding – it accomplished absolutely nothing except for now Bitten and his fellow trustees and admin are blatantly violating their own brand new bylaw and they’re content to leave everything just as it is.    Problem is their “No recording devices are permitted”  means nothing – what are they going to do when they aren’t abiding by it themselves – call the police?  Clowns running UBID.

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