Union Bay Improvement District January 18, 2018 Meeting in a Nutshell – Whinging

A fellow landowner summed up the January 18, 2018 Union Bay Improvement District Meeting perfectly:

As for the impasse over the CVRD “study”, my main thought every time I heard Chair Jacques and Administrator Mason allude to the overwhelming amount of work that Mason has is that all their whinging* [see footnote below] only furthers the argument that this little Improvement District does not have the resources – both human and fiscal – to handle the growth that is hoped for/anticipated. Talk about destroying your own case – “we are completely overwhelmed with what we are dealing with so our conclusion is that we don’t want to consider the advantages of aligning ourselves with a body which could alleviate our problems” We were completely underwhelmed by Trustee Bitten’s “motion” which only proved to us that he loves the sound of his own voice and has a reasonably good vocabulary which he hopes masks his muddled thinking. You would think that this water treatment facility was equivalent to building the new Tate Museum in London.
*whinging” – an old English word which takes “whining” one step further to mean “whining in a persistent and annoying way”
Here’s the audio of the whinging – this is a compilation of statements made at the January 18, 2018 meeting regarding the board’s refusal to send a letter to the CVRD which was passed at the Nov. 16, 2017 meeting with Jacques stating there was no harm in getting information.

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