How can anyone claim the Union Bay Improvement District is a functioning board?

Video of Jacques refusing to allow the public in:

What was said inside before the meeting started:

Listen to the claims made prior to this ‘executive’ meeting starting at 7 pm.  How would you like to be the only female on this board and take this crap?

According to Jacques, the board can’t get anything done at public meetings because of Trustee Kaljur interrupting.   How is it Jacques doesn’t notice Bitten constantly speaking out of turn 9 times at the Feb. meeting?   Jacques brought up the Dec. 2016 meeting where he couldn’t answer questions properly and shut down the meeting.  He claims she’s lost credibility because of her public service announcement.

The Admin claims to have called ‘the ministry’ about closing the meeting but wouldn’t provide what ‘the ministry’ advised.

Listen to the Admin claim that Trustee Kaljur badgers him and that she should read the rules on harassment.  The Admin should be let go.  This guy is never going to be able to do the job and the longer he’s here, the harder it is to get rid of him.

If you want to encourage this behaviour – vote for the moron.


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