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Union Bay Improvement District Chair oblivious to his part in the Union Bay Gong Show

It’s hard to keep track of all the problems facing this improvement district.  Every meeting is a disaster because rules and regulations in place are just completely ignored and rulings are handed out willy nilly with nothing to support the decision.  To listen to the Chair read out the letter from the Ministry just leaves me shaking my head.  Does he pay any attention to the words and their meaning?

The Chair thinks he’s doing a great job and there is no indication he thinks he might be contributing to the problem.  The letter from the Ministry is very specific about their recommendations and yet there has been zero change or even talk about making productive changes.

Instead, they want to lock us out because they can’t face the public and want to work in secrecy.

NOTE:  the date on the following letter is a typo – it should be January 9, 2018, as reference is made to a visit in January 26, 2017.  

This letter was not disclosed to the public until Mar. 22, 2018 and yet it was composed January 9, 2018.  Why did it take 2 months?




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How to screw up an Annual General Meeting brought to you by the Union Bay Improvement District

They never disappoint – still as screwed up and dysfunctional as ever.

@ Hein.  I asked the same question you asked tonight regarding the 29% increase in water tolls projected for 2018 and the Admin claimed that at the rate the water was being used, the water tolls would increase to around an additional $100,000. in 2018.   Tonight he claimed not to know or have anything to refer to.  The usual promises of answers by email.

Heard some gossip.  Apparently, after the meeting concluded, one of the Trustees took umbrage at a question posed by a landowner and approached and accused him of some type of set up.  Then the Trustee’s son became involved along with the landowner’s wife.  Quite the altercation from what I’ve heard.  You’re not allowed to have an independent thought in Union Bay, if you do – they will come at you.


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Union Bay Administrator lied when asked about breaching UBID’s Personal Information and Privacy Policy 6-A-02

Union Bay Improvement District Annual General Meeting

Tonight @ 7 pm Community Hall


UPDATE;  APR 19, 4:19 pm.

It just gets worse.  The Admin sent a copy of my Privacy complaint to the very person he shouldn’t have given my email address to!  A Privacy complaint distributed in the very email he’s admitting he shouldn’t have given out that personal information.

From: “Mary Reynolds”
To: “admin” <>
Sent: Thursday, April 19, 2018 4:16:09 PM
Subject: Fwd: Contact info and procedure bylaw


Mr. Mason,
To my horror, you have breached my privacy regarding the Privacy complaint I only submitted yesterday.
  • I submitted a complaint under the Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy Act to the Union Bay Improvement District Wed. around 2:40 pm.
  • the complaint involved Union Bay Improvement District providing my email address to a third party without my permission and a breach of UBID’s own Personal Information Privacy Policy 6-A-02.
  • you stated twice that it was not you who had provided the third party with this personal information.
  • you responded by email Wed. at 3:50 pm stating you had in fact provided the third party with my personal information.
  • the complaint you received is strictly involving the Union Bay Improvement District as the ‘public body’, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner and me as the complainant.  This complaint is private.
  • you took the time to scan my 2 page complaint and create a pdf file and forward it to the very person my complaint involved and included them in your email to me.
  • my initial complaint has not been resolved and you have shared a Privacy complaint with a third person who has no authority regarding the Privacy Commissioner.
  • in your email, you assure me “it will not happen again” – Do you see the irony here?
I warn you to discontinue distributing my personal information and a further complaint will be delivered regarding this unacceptable pattern.  I have attached your pdf to refresh your memory.
Mary Reynolds
Union Bay

This is not the first time this Admin has been untruthful.

I attended the UBID office to ask questions which have been ignored in email requests.

The Admin wants me to make an appointment to obtain policies etc., and yet admits he doesn’t have the policy and has not taken any action to correct the error on the website or in the UBID office since the matter was discussed at the Mar. 22, meeting..  The Admin then suggests I email him in spite of the fact that’s why I have to go to the office – my emails go unanswered.

The Admin threatens to call the RCMP if I don’t leave because I’m asking him about items no longer available on the website at the 1:54 mark and he claims I’m accusing him of things he didn’t do!

The Admin doesn’t remember this conversation regarding the Communication with the Public Policy from the Mar. 22, meeting and then advises me to get a copy from a Trustee.

At the end I submit my complaint regarding the Admin giving out my personal information and inquire as to who provided Simon Rasmussen with my email address and all three UBID staff claim it wasn’t them.  The Admin stated twice it was not him.  When I returned home I had this email waiting.  NOTE:  I have removed my email address from the emails below and X out my email in the one the Admin sent to Rasmussen.

From: “admin” <>
To: “Mary Reynolds”
Cc: “Rasmussen, Simon MAH:EX” <>, “islandcashservices” <>
Sent: Wednesday, April 18, 2018 3:50:33 PM
Subject: FW: Contact info and procedure bylaw

Turns out I did send Simon your email address as per his request last week. I did not realize at the time it was an issue from a Freedom of Information and Privacy Act. I do now, and it will not happen again.

I have also copied Simon so he is also up to date on this issue as well.


Gordon Mason AScT, MBA

Chief Administrative Officer

Box 70, 5579B South island Highway

Union Bay BC V0R 3B0

Telephone: 250-335-2511

FAX:               250-335-1178


From: UBID Admin <>
Sent: April 13, 2018 2:38 PM
To: ‘Rasmussen, Simon MAH:EX’ <>
Subject: RE: Contact info and procedure bylaw

Meeting bylaw attached.

Mary <>

Gordon Mason AScT, MBA

Chief Administrative Officer

Box 70, 5579B South island Highway

Union Bay BC V0R 3B0

Telephone: 250-335-2511

FAX:               250-335-1178


From: Rasmussen, Simon MAH:EX <>
Sent: April 13, 2018 12:36 PM
To: ‘UBID Admin’ <>
Subject: Contact info and procedure bylaw

Hi Gord,

Two follow-ups from our call:

  1. Can you send me Mary Reynolds’ email address?
  2. Can you send me a copy of your procedure bylaw? I’d like to take a look at what you’ve got and where we could possibly look at making some tweaks, if need be.


Simon Rasmussen | Program Analyst

Governance and Structure Branch

Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing

Ph: 778-698-3262 | Fax: 250-387-7972 |
4th Floor, 800 Johnson St | PO Box 9839 Stn Prov Govt | Victoria, BC | V8W 9T1


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Re Elect Union Bay Improvement District Trustee Jim Elliott April 21, 2018

Union Bay Improvement District trustee election April 21

Incumbent Jim Elliott seeks re-election; Ted Haraldson challenging

  • Apr. 18, 2018 6:00 a.m.

The Union Bay Improvement District by-election for one trustee position takes place Saturday, April 21, from 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. at the Union Bay Community Hall.

The candidates are incumbent Jim Elliott and challenger Ted Haraldson.

The Comox Valley Record offered both candidates the opportunity to present a platform package for publication prior to election day.


Jim Elliott

In this election my opponents have spread rumours that “Jim Elliott is opposed to development.”

This is not true. I worked diligently with our administrator on the Water Infrastructure Agreement, which was essential for development to proceed.

Jim Elliott

I am running for re-election to ensure that Union Bay has development where everyone benefits. With the enormity of this development, Union Bay needs experienced people on the board to navigate the many challenges of providing services. I bring 37 years combined experience in water and wastewater operations and management, including 12 years in dealing with boards and regulatory agencies.

Along with managing servicing needs, a proper long-term financial plan is a high priority. The construction of the water plant and a new firehall, as well as the renewal and replacement work on the current distribution system, are all required over the next few years. The ratepayers deserve to know how the financial situation will unfold. Sound planning now, will help to level out rate increases that will come as our infrastructure grows.

Another priority for me is the protection of our watershed (Langley Lake) from logging and industrial activity. We can all be involved in protecting this irreplaceable water source and managing our future. I am passionate about safeguarding our resources and informing the ratepayers.

Ratepayers are entitled to know what their board is doing. Transparency and accountability are fundamental to a democratic process. When the board disagrees, it is often over adherence to procedural issues. Union Bay has bylaws in place, as well as provincial guidelines, to assist the board in this important democratic process. With respect for each other’s points-of-view, issues can be resolved in a way that keeps Union Bay moving forward. I bring needed knowledge and proven experience in local government to the board.

Re-elect Jim Elliott.


Ted Haraldson

Longtime resident of Union Bay, Ted Haraldson is running for one trustee position in the upcoming April 21 Union Bay Improvement District elections.

Ted Haraldson

“Having lived in Union Bay for 44 years,” said Haraldson, “I have a good sense, not only of the history of the community, but looking forward to exciting changes about to take place with new developments that will benefit the community as a whole.”

Haraldson’s career in the Canadian Coast Guard and building trades will assist in joining a team that will make the right decisions and come up with sound solutions “on behalf of all Union Bay residents.”

He also added that in 2002 he was part of a Union Bay committee that undertook a four-year study to develop a sewer system for Union Bay. As for board experiences, he is a past vice-president of the Union of Public Employees National Defence Chapter and also past-president of a major B.C. political party.

“While I have been involved in decision making at many levels,” says Haraldson, “my focus will be devoted to helping Union Bay move forward with the necessary infrastructure that will move Union Bay into a new era of prosperity.

“In addition to the water treatment facility that has been mandated by the Province, the reality is that we need a new firehall,” continued Haraldson. “As a community we have deadlines to meet and at the same time must look towards the future if we wish to build a community that will be seen as a destination for people of all ages to call home.”

He believes that with his background, experience and as a long-time resident of Union Bay, he can help the community move forward by demonstrating good leadership that is responsive to the needs and concerns of the community.

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Why are Union Bay landowners celebrating paying up to $5.5 Million for a water treatment facility KIP always promised to pay for?

People have short memories.  UBID, KIP and the Ministry are all touting the progress of the water filtration facility for Union Bay.  Since all the landowners are paying for the facility, why did it take so long?  The boards up until April 2011 put off any decisions because they believed KIP would be providing the much needed water treatment facility at no cost to the landowners.

Weeks before that board was turfed in April 2011, they signed the 2011 Water Infrastructure with KIP announcing a $1.7 Million dollar gift to the community.  KIP asked for an extension in Oct. 2014 with the deadline of Dec. 2014 for the agreement to expire.  Up until that point, KIP never provided any of the stipulations in the agreement regarding plans/reports/etc., only an informal request for an extension.

In 2015, David Godfrey, Peter Jacques and others circulated a petition demanding the then board grant an extension to the expired agreement.  David Godfrey was one of the negotiators of the 2011 WIA and finally admitted the $1.7 Million dollars was in fact not a gift, it was an interest free loan.  The petition had a signature for landowners stating they did not support paying for a water treatment system.

So what is there to celebrate?  This board didn’t even get us an interest free loan.  We’re footing the bill thanks to the very people who took a petition around because they didn’t want to pay for the facility.  What did they get in their negotiations?  The fire hall land wasn’t any accomplishment – it’s in the MDA.

KIP promised millions and our board negotiated 4 acres – YAY!

Salesman Slick really played Union Bay landowners and has the board to prove it.