Remember the motion missing from the June 21, 2018 meeting minutes?  Well, apparently it’s a hot button issue and those delicate individuals just can’t muster up an answer.  The minutes and the video proof are here:

Six minutes 24 seconds before the fools lose it.  Kaljur’s objects to the June 21, 2018 meeting minutes as there is no mention of the motion to have the water superintendent provide a report to the board at the next meeting. That didn’t happen – no report at the Sept. meeting  Kaljur wants to know where the report is.

First, the Chair takes the whole discussion off topic by arguing about how the water testing is done.  Second, the other goofs start to chime in with ‘point of order’ being used as ‘I want to butt in to prevent Kaljur from making a point’.  All singing the same stupid song about her being off topic when she’s asking why the motion isn’t in the minutes???

Pretty soon they’re all clutching their pearls and trying to kick Kaljur out because she still wants an answer to her question.

They gathered up their petticoats and declared the meeting adjourned.  Oh my lord!

Why do they refuse to address the concerns over the high turbidity readings with no boil water advisory?  Why isn’t the Water Superintendent providing a report the board requested in June 2018?  4 months ago.

Numerous landowners have asked about the turbidity in writing and have been ignored.

This is audio only – will have to wait for the goofs to publish the video – if they will post it since it is their best gong show to date.  Ye haw!

This cartoon character (Baby Huey) reminds of the big dumb goof at the meetings who tries to intimidate people (only women so far as I have seen).  No one is intimidated by this big dumb goof.