The petition presented by KIP spokesperson – who failed to find out if it was legally possible! This is why the community is divided – following stupidity and ignorance.

All the false crap spread in Union Bay by those singing the same song as the VP of KIP. He was the only one claiming the expired WIA was still in effect because of the force majeure clause. He knew the agreement was dead and got his flunkies to suck in the landowners.

The developer stood up in front of the hundreds of landowners in March 2016, claiming “Just so everybody’s aware a week ago sunday, Carol Molstad put out an email to all the tag members to have them disrupt the meeting, so this is what we’re going to get …”  This was a blatant lie and clearly intended to cause division in Union Bay. That’s what this developer has given the community since he arrived on our doorstep. Division.

This is what transpired before that March 2016 KIP meeting. This is a timeline put together by a professional administrator – remember what that was like? You wonder why I don’t trust this developer?????

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