Thuggish behaviour started in spring of 2016. Gong show creators display no progress – illegally lock out the electorate and unlawfully ‘suspend’ a trustee! 3 years later a big fail on the promises by 2 trustees up for re election. Show them the door!

This board has spent all their energy trying to prevent landowners from accessing information and the two who are up for re election were the instigators of the ‘alternative facts’ we are bombarded with.

There certainly was a turn in events in 2016. There was that March meeting hosted by Kensington Island Properties. The VP made sure there was animosity in the crowd by claiming Chair Carol Molstad had sent out an email telling people to attend the meeting to disrupt it. That’s always been his MO – divide the community by telling falsehoods and making promises with no intention of keeping them and these fools keep falling for the old line that they are going to get something for nothing. Brilliant move by the VP having idiots take around a petition knowing the agreement was dead. Pretty slick – too bad KIP Costanza failed on that one too.

It was the first election I can recall where thuggish behaviour became the norm. At that 2016 April AGM our professional Administrator Kevin Douville was physically threatened. The following clip is Chair Carol Molstad speaking about what transpired at that AGM. Note: I have set it to start at the point Chair Molstad brings up the concerns. The second concern was about Rodney Bitten (ya the same one) making defamatory statements about the Fire Chief at the 2016 AGM.

Then the thuggish behaviour showed up at the All Candidates Meeting Oct. 19, 2016 when Candidates Ted Haraldson, Rick Bitten and Lone Jednorog planned and carried out a disruption with Jednorog claiming to have been assaulted. Here’s the proof of their plan published by Jednorog.

Here’s how they carried out their plan. Good ole Ted Haraldson tells me to be quiet so his accomplice can carry out the disruption.

This was their meeting 2 days previous hosted by Kensington Island Properties spokesperson David Godfrey. Did anyone cause a disruption at their meeting? Nope. Haraldson, Bitten and Jednorog didn’t fare well with the questions that evening and paranoia set in so they came up with a plan to disrupt a meeting at the Community Hall which had been rented by landowners. I’m pretty sure they are all members of the Community Club so that gives you a good idea what actions they think they are entitled to take. Here’s the first minute of their meeting Oct. 17, 2016 before Haraldson, Bitten and brave Jednorog insist they don’t want to be video recorded.

Then my house was attacked Jan. 27, 2017, by the hillbillies the night after the board had a strip ripped off them by the Ministry for their stupid antics.

Another landowner who has had the nerve to ask questions had her mailbox damaged.

April 2017 All Candidates Meeting Rodney Bitten (yes, the same one) approached Cleve Goldswain and told him he didn’t respect him anymore because the questions were planned. Rodney also took exception to Scott Fraser MLA, providing information regarding becoming a service are of the RD.

Then Jednorog has tried to intimidate me at meetings following me around afterwards taunting me. Jednorog pulled this again at one of the Open Houses when a landowner was speaking to a gentleman, Jednorog came up and interrupted and started telling the man how the landowner was causing so much work for the Admin. Just out of the blue.

Then we have Loxam’s wife who responded to an email about UBID business by telling the sender not to send any more emails as they would be deleted.

Loxam’s wife also tried to intimidate me after a meeting by getting right in my face wanting to know if I was recording the meeting. There was Jednorog’s good buddy Rick Bitten trying to say it was me causing the problem.

Then we have the intimidation after the 2018 AGM when Rick Bitten and Rodney Bitten (yes, the same one) approached a landowner voicing their displeasure with the question he asked.

These are ones off the top of my head. You get the picture.

And yet… look who is accusing another trustee of cyber bullying, harassment and a threat to public safety.

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