Email address for the Gov’t people assigned to Union Bay Improvement District file.

Thanks to the landowner who provided this important information!

Talked to Tara Faganello Assistant Deputy Minister  office Best email address is these are the people assigned to Union Bay UBID file

Good afternoon all,
Thanks to the landowners who have sent or talked to Government official; see attached
Union Bay landowners had to wait until a trustee election was held to elect trustees that they wanted April 20th has come and gone…
Trustee Elect Paul Healey 340 votes and Hein Vandenberg 343 votes in Union Bay Politics a overwhelming landslide.
Union Bay Landowners were told it’s a Union Bay matter, if you don’t like it sue the board, hire a lawyer, when election time comes elect the Trustees you want….
Trustee Kaljur  was elected twice and has injured harassment, bullying and had to hire a personal lawyer after the Board removed her from office…Trustee Kaljur hired a lawyer to get reinstated…
Trustees Elect Paul Healey and Hein Vandenburg are waiting to take their oath of office
Union Bay Landowners banned from using audio visual and recording devises, then banned from COW(committee of the whole) and monthly meetings, then all meeting cancelled, even the AGM.
Had enough YET….
Contacting the following phone and send a email, then document who you talked too and time, date and response.
Tara Faganello Assistant Deputy Minister  250-356-6575 the recommended e-mail that is directly related to Union Bay
Selena Robinson Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development Local Government Division    <>
250 387-2283  
Scott Fraser  Minister of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation
  250-720-4515 or toll free 1-866-870-4190  open the complaint button on the top of the page…nothing new for Union Bay (2014)

Spread the word and insist this government step up and return democracy to Union Bay. The NDP have lost my vote in the next election. I voted for Scott Fraser because he fought for his constituents. He was elected and now is too busy and only interested in covering his ass. I really believed he was different but it’s the same old same old just like the Liberals/McRae. Puppets to developers.

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