I hope people are paying attention. My fear is that these incompetents have made important financial decisions with the same lack of due diligence. It’s pretty obvious they agree with each other and feel they are not accountable to the landowners because we are already locked out and they are happy to continue as they have been.

We know they never get legal advice prior to taking action. Who are they getting advice from? Surely, they would seek information from knowledgeable people – who? What else have they committed us to?

“I will listen to the needs of the people and help move us forward in the direction that you the landowner request.”

“I follow the model of: Research, Evaluate, Negotiate, Act”. “Let’s make Union Bay a place we can be proud to call our home!”

“All of us must make sure we are well informed and have true facts before casting our vote. We must ask questions and demand answers”.

“The people are never wrong.” “You can put the TRUST’ back into ‘TRUSTEE'”