Had enough of the dictatorship yet? Imitation Union Bay Improvement District board is embarrassed, but not by their actions. Landowners should insist the remaining two resign. They are the embarrassment!

Trying to give us a laugh with the ‘featured image’ while we go through this crap after we were so delighted with the outcome of the election. 🙂

By the reasoning of this imitation board, a trustee who was not re elected Apr. 20, 2019, and one who didn’t even run, stays on as trustee until the newly elected trustee is sworn in.

So if Hein and Paul were elected on April 20, 2019 and both went on vacation Apr. 21 for a couple of weeks, Jacques and Loxam would still be trustees until the newly elected trustees returned?

That’s the screwy reasoning. Anyone want to bet mr. research, the dictator and the admin didn’t lift a finger to find out if what they are spouting is true? Sure as hell hasn’t employed his model of Research, Evaluate, Negotiate, Act. – never gets to the first one – Research. You can only get by spouting that bullshit on gullible people.

Glen and peter and still elected trustees until the other candidates are sworn in. I believe that UBID should discuss charges with the RCMP. These planned disruptions are intenional and should be considered as that. I am embarrased by the landowners that create these problems. This behaviour would not be tollarated any where else why should we accept it.    Trustee Rick Bitten

“The new trustees that were voted in, they haven’t been sworn in, so they’re officially not trustees until they’re sworn in as trustees and do the oath, which they wish to do after the AGM,” said Haraldson.
Asked if that was a process laid out in a bylaw for Union Bay, Haraldson stated that the new trustees were “not official” until they swear an oath of office, under rules laid out by the province. This means Jacques and Loxam will remain in office, until the community’s annual general meeting.
“You usually have an inauguration, and you welcome Paul and Hein in, have them swear the oath, and they become trustees,” said Haraldson.
“It’s quite simple.”

He was also comfortable with Loxam and Jacques remaining as trustees.
“Until their term is up, the term is up when we swear in the new trustees,” said Haraldson.
“Their term is not completed until the new trustees are sworn in. All trustees have to be sworn in, before they begin their term.”

It’s time to start petitions to send a clear message from the landowners to these incompetent trustees that they are not representing the wishes of the landowners. And the admin has to go as well. Completely breached/violated his position numerous times and is unfit to hold the position any longer.

Having five men (4 trustees and the admin) secretly meeting and planning the future of Union Bay while intentionally excluding a duly elected trustee can not be tolerated any longer.

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