New post on Susanna Kaljur’s blog:

Looks like there is no plan to hold an AGM. They already posted the reports on the website that we are given at an AGM. We know they can’t answer questions, so they’re content continuing to lock us out. That was the plan all along. They had no intention of ever allowing public meetings.

They have awarded a contract – where is the bylaw to allow this? They are under the impression everything can be accomplished in secret – they don’t think you have the right to know, even if you are the one paying.

Selena Robinson Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing

Attorney General, David Eby email:

Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Selina Robinson and Attorney General David Eby were cc’d on the apology letter to Trustee Kaljur from the the rogue board admitting “… there are no provisions under the Local Government Act allowing the Board to suspend an elected Trustee from office” and “is of no force or effect”.

We know there are there no provisions and no Legislative authority to allow an exemption for the AGM to be held after today! Why is Selena Robinson and David Eby turning a blind eye to the numerous unlawful actions taken by 5 landowners who are meeting secretly without the full knowledge of all elected officials?

Our local government has been hi-jacked by 5 men. Ted Haraldson, Rick Bitten, Glenn Loxam, Peter Jacques and Gordon Mason have conspired to derail the democratic process in our community. They have held gatherings and passed them off as legally convened Union Bay Improvement District Meetings and then fabricated meeting minutes and submitted the false minutes into the official records of the Improvement District which can be relied on in court.