Response from MLA Scott Fraser re: Union Bay Improvement District Dictatorship – just more blah blah blah. Maduro must be their idol.

Received this non response today. Turns out it is a form letter sent to all you pesky folk that think democracy will be protected by elected officials. Ha ha – jokes on us.

From: “scott fraser mla” <>
To: “Mary Reynolds” <>
Sent: Friday, May 3, 2019 2:25:19 PM
Subject: RE: The Union Bay Improvement Distict mess you created

Hello Mary,

Thank you for contacting MLA Fraser regarding the Union Bay Improvement District. 

When MLA Fraser heard from his constituents about their concerns he wrote directly to the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing. MLA Fraser asked Minister Selina Robinson and her staff to look into the postponement of the annual general meeting. The Ministry has acknowledged receipt of this letter.  We look forward to hearing back from the Ministry in the upcoming days ahead.

Thank you again for contacting MLA Fraser.


Andrea McDonald Constituency Assistant

office of Scott Fraser, MLA

Mid Island-Pacific Rim

250-720-4515  |   1-866-870-4190

This is the email sent.

From: “Mary Reynolds” <>
To: “Tara Faganello” <>
Cc: “Selina Robinson mla” <>, “scott fraser” <>
Sent: Friday, April 26, 2019 12:36:54 PM
Subject: The Union Bay Improvement Distict mess you created

The three of you have abandoned Union Bay and allowed it to become a dictatorship.  Fassbender interfered appointing a Facilitator on behalf of a bloody developer and yet you claim you never get involved in a governing body.  You had to know in Oct. 2016 that you couldn’t suddenly create a whole new board with zero experience and expect it to function – it was doomed from the start.  The inexperienced board went on to hire an Administrator who had zero government experience.  You interfered again by telling the board we shouldn’t attempt to obtain a study as to the pros and cons of becoming a service area of the CVRD while we are building a treatment plant.  They keep hauling out your letter stating they have to abide by the Ministry – the very people claiming they don’t get involved.  They completely ignored your Jan. 2018 letter advising them how to conduct meetings and only made it public when Trustee Kaljur insisted.

You all sat by as they unlawfully ‘suspended’ a duly elected official who had to retain counsel to force them to admit it was ‘unlawful’.  That’s what we have been told by your Ministry – if we don’t like it – get a lawyer.

I could understand if you were consistent and never interfered, but that’s not the case.  We have a chair who unilaterally cancels meetings, including the AGM which according to Union Bay’s Letters Patent must be held between Jan. 1 and April 30 of each year.  He has not rescheduled the AGM that was to take place Apr. 25, 2019, and refuses to allow the swearing in of the two new trustees elected April 20, 2019, until after the AGM.  Haraldson claims the ousted trustee and the one who didn’t run for re election are still trustees until after he decides to hold the AGM.

So are you going to allow this to continue because we’re not a developer crying the blues?

I won’t be voting for you again Scott.  You were effective when in opposition and acted very concerned along with Selina over what was happening here – now you’re just as ineffective and useless as the Liberals/McRae.

A very disgruntled voter in Union Bay.

Mary Reynolds

Box 449,

Union Bay 

Here’s some of the crap from the monster you created:

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