Cherry picking Robert’s Rules, UBID Bylaws and Policies depending on who is speaking

Noticed Paul Allard has info on the Sept. 19, 2019 meeting and Robert’s Rules.

The agenda below for the Sept. 19, 2019 meeting was amended and a few items were added. The agenda was approved and the meeting proceeded.

The first thing the Chair does is read a ‘Statement from the Chair’ regarding staff not attending public meetings.

Trustee Kaljur indicates to the Chair (and is given permission by the Chair) that she has a ‘point of order’ regarding the ‘statement’. Trustee Bitten repeatedly interrupts the Chair and Kaljur and repeatedly states Trustee Kaljur is speaking about something NOT on the agenda.

Trustee Bitten pretty much takes over the meeting even though the Chair has ruled on Kaljur’s ‘Point of Order’ by indicating the issue will be on the COW meeting agenda. Then Bitten decides the matter is up for discussion and launches into a speech even though he hasn’t waited to find out if the matter is up for discussion. He then goes on to claim it’s a Point of Order but when he finishes the Chair doesn’t rule on his Point of Order – just continues. Bitten’s last few lines are priceless because he then reverts back to item not being on the agenda. How can a Point of Order be on the agenda?

This is an excerpt of the beginning of the meeting and what transpired simply because Trustee Kaljur made a Point of Order. There is NO DEBATE on a Point of Order!

You will note in the second table Point of Order – interrupt? – yes. 2nd? – No. Debate? – No. Amend – No. Vote – None.

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