KIP aka Union Bay Estates plans on discharging 1875 meter cubes treated sewage DAILY to Hart Creek is more than the new reservoir holds!

Here’s a very old KIP report. Lots of info regarding the size of the reservoir and interesting reading about the elevation and pressure. This report was based on the assumption the reservoir and water treatment plant would be on the land identified as an ideal location by KIP’s consultants. The piece of land by Langley Lake the previous board specifically purchased because it was ideal, only to have this gong show board build at the same elevation as the existing waterworks (yes, I know the water tower increases the elevation) and sell the ‘ideal’ piece. Who cares about the future of Union Bay? We only care about ‘now’ or ‘our time’, right?

From Paul’s blog:

1875 meter cubes sewage compared to 1728 meter cubes – look at the size of that reservoir and imagine that volume being the treated sewage that KIP plans on discharging into Hart Creek DAILY for 8 months of the year.

KIP’s own consultants state storage reservoir should be 3600 for build out. Who told UBID 1728 was sufficient?

According to KIP’s own consultants, Focus from 2009, the reservoir presently built is not sufficient to build out. Page 5 states reservoir should be 3600 meter cubes. Full report here:

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