West Fraser Mills contracted the road work in support of coal pile remediation.


Wanted to add a note to Paul’s post http://newdaysinunionbay.com/2019/11/26/union-bay-residents-are-updated-on-union-bay-estates-development/ I received an email from Alana Mullaly from the CVRD in response to my question about the work across from Jones St. and who was paying for it. She doesn’t mention KIP – just West Fraser Mills.

How many different versions of the coal hill remediation have we heard from KIP year after year. Remember in March 2016 when he stood in front of the community and insisted the reason he couldn’t meet the 2011 WIA deadline was because he was held up due to the remediation of the coal hills? Absolute bullshit. The coal hills had nothing to do with the lack of progress – just add it to the sky high pile of bullshit spewed by this developer over the years. So KIP dumped their contaminated portion back on the province and yet has included it in their 100 acre park. Sleaze.

The work that Wacor is undertaking on the lands east of the highway is, as you note, related to the remediation of the coal hills. The work includes expansion of the roadway in the vicinity of Jones Street (opposite). We were recently provided the following by Keystone Environmental (firm contracted by West Fraser Mills):

Starting in late-October 2019 and continuing through to late-2019 or early-2020, QM Environmental and Wacor Holdings Ltd. will be expanding the roadway on Highway 19A, in the general area of the Jones Street intersection in Union Bay, BC. Construction of a gravel access road is also taking place during the same timeframe. This work is in support of the coal pile remediation project.

•             The construction on Highway 19A involves adding turning lanes for both the north and southbound traffic, while creating a merge lane onto the highway from the gravel coal pile remediation access road. Intermittent, temporary road closures will occur in and around the work zone on Highway 19A.

•             QM Environmental and Wacor Holdings Ltd. will carry out the work, with direction from Keystone Environmental, David Nairne & Associates, and GeoPacific with regards to civil design and construction, and participation from Baseline Archaeology and K’ómoks First Nation.

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