Area A Director Arbour now the target of Kensington Island Properties aka Union Bay Estates. Spider to the fly. How gullible is this neophyte Director?

EDIT Dec. 15, 2019. Arbour upset about me posting the info on his calendar on his website which he now states is wrong. Hasn’t fixed it though.

Noticed this on Paul’s blog

Apparently, Arbour can travel out of the country to receive an update on Union Bay Estates, but couldn’t be bothered to rent a room at the hall to meet with the landowners he represents. The only thing he could manage was a meeting at the market – how backwards and cowardly. Somehow he managed to meet with Fanny Bay residents at the OAP Hall and at the Royston Hall. How many people can fit into the market?

So Arbour is getting wooed by old slick. Guess slick sees the writing on the wall that his buddies on UBID are losing control and the dysfunctional form of government is not working for the landowners.

This trip is bs. It isn’t going to benefit anyone living in Union Bay and shows Arbour can be influenced and wined and dined by this sleazy developer, in my opinion.

  • Why would Arbour have to physically attend KIP’s lawyers office in Seattle for an update on a supposedly Canadian company project 15 km away?
  • Isn’t Arbour a pretty green Director?
  • What is his background that he will grasp what is presented?
  • What does he expect to learn from this trip that he couldn’t have learned right here where the project is and the VP of KIP?
  • Doesn’t our existing technology remove the need to physically attend in another country for an update?
  • Will KIP pull the old “you can view – but cannot have a copy”?

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