Arbour upset – wants an apology. Sorry we read the incorrect info on your calendar and website – which is still wrong!!!

Have been exchanging emails with Arbour. He thinks my statement at the top of my blog about “intentionally mislead” is ironic. No, Daniel, it would be ironic if I didn’t post the correction!

Arbour’s emails to Paul You would never have seen emails like that from our previous Director, Bruce Jolliffe.

Took this screenshot Dec. 15, 11:40 a.m. Same info with the same map showing Seattle causing the hissy fit. Ya, it’s our fault…

If you’re going to whine and cry about people posting the information on your website – correct it. Geezuz. It’s still the same incorrect information. It’s WordPress, just like this blog and Paul’s – we can correct mistakes on our blogs – how come he can’t fix something as simple as the calendar when there is so little on there in the first place? Received forwarded emails from Paul showing Arbour upset about the posts on his blog and a mention of mine claiming he was going to Seattle along with a map of KIP’s lawyers office location. Arbour wants an apology because he claims due diligence wasn’t done such as “You could have contacted me. You could have checked to see if Union Bay Estates has lawyers there. You could have contacted our EA Teresa. Any of the above would be minimal due diligence.” So, anything that’s posted on his website and calendar should be confirmed by the means suggested?

Here’s a suggestion. Your website is useless – pretty pictures and Facebook posting crap is not information. It offers nothing to the landowners you represent and obviously the skimpy amount of info on it can’t be trusted.

You owe the apology for the wrong info, and getting hissy about landowners relying on that info is pretty thin skinned.

This post from when it was apparent KIP’s flunky trustees were campaigning for Arbour. Now, you know they didn’t come up with this idea on their own.

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