Landowners questions allowed at Dec. 19, 2019 Union Bay Improvement District Board Meeting

EDIT Dec. 14, 2019 Check out Paul’s blog on the UBID wage increases

It has been literally months since landowners questions were allowed at the board meetings – not that you will actually get an honest answer. Let’s hope mrknowitall doesn’t have another hissy fit calling for the video camera to be turned off because “we’re gonna get sued” when he doesn’t like the questions and facts.

If you listened to the audio of the meeting yesterday, you heard that the billing is NOT going to quarterly as it is supposedly not financially beneficial. It is to remain bi monthly. Am I the only one who thinks the water bills don’t make any sense? For months I had a $13.00 credit, but the new bill shows a payment Sept. 2019 of -75.00 with a balance forward as of Oct. 31, 2019 of -438.00. Current Levy 75.00 Account Balance $ -363.00.

Bill only shows Previous Reading and Current Reading. The old billing system showed the consumption from the previous 12 months. How is it that we paid big bucks for this software only to have it provide less information and be confusing at the same time?

Did the individuals who were trained on this new software learn the ‘preferences’ the software offers the user? I find it hard to believe this expensive software came without bells and whistles as options in the billing to landowners. Anyone getting new software checks out the preferences to see exactly what the program can do. We are paying top dollar for bargain basement service.

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