The Record article on UBID Trustee resignation

No comment yet from Vandenberg.

If you watch the last meeting – they should all resign. This dysfunction has to stop. Five people who don’t listen to each other and rely on their limited understanding of how a government body should be run. I know 2 of these people and like them very much but there is no hope for a governing body when there is not one person who has been trained to be a trustee and no one they can turn to for assistance.

There would have been some hope if they hired a qualified Administrator who is the backbone of the District with their knowledge of government who provides guidance to the board. The current admin is still unqualified. No hope.

So we have 6 people who are all in over their heads – they are all struggling believing they are doing what is right, but it’s relying on their limited knowledge. If they want to help the community, then contact the Ministry and advise the board can no longer function.

I might clip out sections showing how crazy everything is if I can stomach watching it again.

You can thank the developer for tearing Union Bay apart year after year.

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