History Repeating Itself – Financial Problems Surfacing in Union Bay Improvement District – Huge Concerns Ahead – $109,000. Deficit – First Time Ever

Oh Oh – big trouble between the trustees. “Out of order or leave the meeting.” Well, they can’t blame this one on me! Starts at 2 hrs 18 minutes “Janice can you kick him out of the meeting?”

In April 2011, the Molstad board was left with a financial mess from the previous board and turned the finances around putting the district in good financial standing. We are going to pay a price for electing flunkies.

This is the best meeting of UBID ever. You can hear what is being said!

There was a UBID COW Meeting Dec. 3, 2020. If you are a landowner, you had better start paying attention. This meeting contains very important information.

OMG! The information in this meeting is what we should have witnessed in the meetings of the last 4 years.

Water tolls are increasing.

Excerpt of Gary Nason provides information regarding the 3 sub division applications UBID should pay attention to due to infrastructure concerns.

Excerpt of budget part one. Discussing the $109,000. deficit in water tolls and trying to find ways to cut costs to reduce the amount that will have to be increased.

Pay attention to Gary Nason’s statements about 2 subdivision applications from KIP causing infrastructure concerns. Staff wages are shocking. The new software the unqualified previous admin chose has a steep learning curve so needs more qualified person to run it costing us more money. Over the last 4 years incompetency has ruled supreme.

Full meeting.

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