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Update on Kensington Island Properties aka Union Bay Estates “deficient” Sewage Application

This is a follow up to these posts:

...the application was found to be deficient.”

Who’s surprised this developer’s application would be deficient? Been hiding from the landowners for years now. So the application has been sent back with the applicant expected to submit a complete final application. Appears the developer hasn’t advised when the final application package will be submitted. How is the developer going to build homes without sewage?

1875 cubic metres of treated sewage dumped into Hart/Washer Creek daily except for summer months. Notice KIP’s pipe collecting data in the deepest part where the creek narrows under the trestle.

Video from July 31, 2021. The area under the trestle is like a bowl with rocks higher before and after the trestle. Is the data from KIP’s pipe skewed to indicate higher levels of flow due to the location?

KIP started the application around March 2018 and the review process in Nov. 2019. Here’s a huge FOI with all the info:

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