EDIT: Aug. 31, look how brave they become as they support each other in their rat pack mentality. Check out their new bullying statements to someone who has a different opinion. They obviously believe this behaviour is fine and that’s why this is one f*cked up community.

Interesting to see the mob attitude in Union Bay on full display. Those down and out, and especially if they have a mental problem are prime targets for the mob. They are more visible, so easy pickings.

FUN FACT – Union Bay is full of thieves and thugs who have homes and computers.

Look at the comments from a post by the author of the letter above. If stealing is taking something without the rightful owners permission – if the shoe fits. The author didn’t want the apology letter and monies paid to me made public but had to in order to avoid Examinations for Discovery which would have exposed the lies and false police reports.

Would it have been acceptable if the person in the picture tore the camera from the person taking the picture? That’s what happened to me – I was taking a picture on KIP’s land of Lloyd McKay splitting wood and he came at me, jerked my camera which was around my neck causing my glasses to fall. See pics below at the end of this post. The police did nothing despite the pictures of him coming at me and writing a letter to the police. Police said don’t take pictures.

If someone shows the courage to disagree, the mob mentality takes over and they decide what penalty that person should face.

The members of this community are rabid when presented with easy targets or those who they deem below them.

Who broke into the Post Office? Who vandalized homes? Who’s parents denied their darling offspring committed any acts which were brought to their attention? How many of these people make false police reports?

The mental midgets are only brave in a group – never on their own.

Are they this vicious with those who don’t pay the boat ramp fees? Isn’t that stealing? What’s the difference?

Here’s another example of the underbelly of Union Bay. Dan McGill, Jamie Barkley and Rachel Day who had been secretary to my lawyer, drunk and mouthing off about how she knew my ex was trying to screw me out of money. Pretty professional, right. All this took place on my property with the above calling the police with McGill claiming he was a tenant on my property – bare faced lie. http://maryreynoldsunionbayblog.blogspot.com/2012/02/union-bay-before-kensington-island.html

EDIT: Aug. 31, Checked back and the mob continues – admin closed comments.

NOTE: This is on Kip’s land behind Tappin St. – not Lloyd’s property. Lightened these.