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This image was posted on Facebook stating it is a lift station for the new development. Funny, the guy posting the picture turned off comments about this and yet allows a free for all and joins in when discussing people he views as a POS (piece of shit). When it comes to the developer, no one wants to hear concerns and wants to keep things positive. The gloves are off though for people they deem beneath them. Obviously, the new Sheriff and provider of information to visitors regarding the development, isn’t aware of the sewer application glitch. Details, who cares about details?

Where is it going to lift to, since the application started Feb. 2018 was determined to be ‘deficient’ and the developer must submit a complete final application. This was probably ordered a long time ago, prior to the application being found ‘deficient’.

As of today the application is still “Pending Customer”.

If you want information on the lift station locations and other diagrams, this is a link to a pdf, included in an FOI request, titled “UBE sanitary master plan review draft” Sept.2019 MOE2020 Here is one of the diagrams. The resolution is poor, but able to read the legend on the diagram.

August 27 2021.JPG