I sent Daniel Arbour an email asking him to correct a statement he made on the Union Bay Bulletin Board. Arbour changed the wording but did anything but correct his error. Arbour chose to ignore the email below from Liz Archibald, Section Head, South Authorizational Environmental Protection Division, BC Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy, who stated “During the review phase of the application, the application was found to be deficient. The application has since been sent back to the applicant to submit a complete final application. The applicant has not communicated when we should expect the final application package.”

Arbour claims to have read the info I forwarded to him which included the email below and determined the information to be “… reviewed by the Province and is getting re-worked.” When asked where he obtained the ‘reworked’ information, he refused to respond. There is no application submitted at this time. Union Bay Estates must submit a complete final application. Does Union Bay Estates have the ear of our Director who refuses to state the application was deficient?

This is the same guy who threw a hissy fit when landowners relied on the information on his website. https://allthingsunionbay.com/2019/12/15/arbour-upset-wants-an-apology-sorry-we-read-the-incorrect-info-on-your-calendar-and-website/ This is what he stated about the line at the top of my blog. “The statement about “intentionally lying” at the top of your blog is quite ironic, by the way.  I know where I stand with you and Paul, and I will attempt to clarify with Union Bay residents the misinformation you spread, and lack if perspective on this matter.”

Well Daniel, how about manning up and clarify with Union Bay residents the misinformation you are currently spreading? I asked, did he speak to someone who told him the application was being ‘reworked’? Didn’t you take your own advice about minimal due diligence or it doesn’t apply to you? Your words: “You could have contacted me. You could have checked to see if Union Bay Estates has lawyers there. You could have contacted our EA Teresa. Any of the above would be minimal due diligence.

Arbour does the minimum due diligence in providing accurate information to landowners. He is fine when the info is flowing one way, (from him), but the second you have a follow up question, he runs away and wants CVRD staff to answer for him. Is he our representative or not? Goober.

This is the email chain regarding the misinformation Arbour had posted and his cowardly actions.