Again, page 7 of the RCC (response to civil claim). “…if the DWR Defendants took the drone… it was merely temporary…” You mean like robbing a bank and then getting caught and the money is returned – is that the type of temporary? The bank was without their money ‘merely temporary’ – no need to make an issue.

And “…the drone was promptly returned..”Hmm, so I was robbed on Saturday June 11, 2022, around 1pm and the drone was dropped off on my front porch at 10:05 pm Tues. night June 14, 2022. Is that promptly?

The drone was not returned: without delay: very quickly or immediately.

So how did Jurisich return the drone for me to accept if he didn’t rob me of it? How did he come to have possession of MY drone from Saturday to Tuesday night?

Exactly how did I accept the return of the drone? What time did I accept it? Did I come to the door to accept it? What proof is there that I accepted it?

There isn’t because the coward, under the cover of darkness, leaving/dumping an expensive piece of electronics outside exposed to the elements is not me accepting.