This is a follow up to this post regarding what KIP/UBE “comparable contribution” towards the sewer project for south of Courtenay.

Received what you can call a response, I guess. We are going to be screwed by this developer over and over, who promised $17.4 Million dollars for water alone.

This developer had help screwing Union Bay. We were told in 2011 that the WIA was a $1.7 Million dollar ‘gift’ to the community by the very people elected to protect our interests – the UBID Trustees. That was a lie – it was an interest free loan and we wouldn’t own the water treatment plant until we had a permanent one built. Meaning we would own it after we didn’t need it anymore.

One of those who told us it was a ‘gift’ is former Trustee David Godfrey, who never disclosed the ‘interest free loan’ until 2015 (4 years after touting the ‘gift’). Now Godfrey has been the moderator at various KIP meetings trying to pass himself off as just another landowner and never disclosed that he is in fact a “REPRESENTATIVE FOR THE DEVELOPER” as the image below verifies. Note: this memorandum was authored by our professional administrator Kevin Douville who now holds the position of CVRD Manager of Financial Planning. Kevin was treated like shit by trustees Jacques, Loxam and Bitten and ignored his expertise – no surprise he left and a terrible loss for Union Bay who had to endure the unqualified bumbling administrator hired by those very three trustees.

So who promotes KIP again today on the Union Bay Bulletin Board? Well his representative of course.

This post provides lots of background:

Was Godfrey acting on KIP’s behalf with all his letters trashing the Molstad board? Again, Godfrey is misleading claiming the board was stonewalling KIP because they wanted a new water agreement as the 2011 expired Dec. 31. 2014.

And here’s the kicker – they never got legal advice before circulating the petition and neither did the KIP flunkies on the board who tried to extend the expired agreement in Nov. 2016 – 2 years after it expired. They were advised by UBID’s lawyer it could not be extended. So they intentionally divided the community and were so incompetent they didn’t even ask if it was legal. That’s what we suffered through since 2016 until 2020 with incompetents negotiating million dollar deals and wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars on incompetent, unqualified staff.

Godfrey went down to Victoria with KIP to meet with Fassbender in the fall of 2015, got a facilitator appointed and then circulated a petition, also misleading. This was to resurrect the expired agreement and again, we would not have owned it until we had build a permanent water treatment plant and no longer needed it. It would have been a temporary one on the old waterworks location which KIP owned.

So when did Godfrey officially become a “REPRESENTATIVE OF THE DEVELOPER” and why hasn’t he disclosed that fact?