Deep Water Recovery Ship Breaking – the BS they spewed trying to get approval. Insults KFN and claims to be a good neighbour!

The image above is DWR employee standing looking at the debris in the water they ignored for days in Jan. 2023, resulting in the debris washing onto oceanfront properties nearby. Jurisich wrote the letter below boasting about how environmentally conscious DWR is in their operations. Bullshit!

No dismantling off asphalt surface? Don’t believe your lying eyes. The last barge they dismantled was barely on the asphalt surface and the one below is not on any asphalt surface – it is on soil.

Excerpts from the FOI links on Concerned Citizens of Baynes Sound. Emphasis added by me. Ya, the good neighbour Jurisich banging on landowners doors and windows. Threatening to bankrupt them for speaking out.

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