Just got back from the meeting and it was a very interesting experience.

Brian McMahon confirmed the figures he used regarding the upgrading of our water is actually development cost charges of $8,900. per lot which he must pay.  It is not a gift.  The VP has always stated KIP (34083 Yukon Inc.) would pay $17.4 Million dollars in upgrades.  This is where I must be confused as I was under the impression Union Bay was actually receiving something from the developer in exchange for our water.  Not so.

It’s so hard to know what the truth is anymore.

Gerry Sando is relieved as the VP of KIP (34083 Yukon Inc.) confirmed in front of the entire gathering – the coal hills are to be a park.  Go figure.  The VP has always stated they had budgeted for the coal hills and word has it the cost would be $18 Million dollars.  Gosh I hope that isn’t Development Cost Charges……..:(

People are so funny here.  I love the laughs they give me like my neighbour tonight calling me a stupid bitch.  I may be a bitch, but these folks have the stupid part covered.  They sit like dumb seals in a row without one piece of information in front of them.  Haven’t got sense to ask a question but are quick to tell everyone else to shut up.  Are they so smart they can recall everything when required?  I’m ready to backup my statements.

A bunch of dumb hillbilly goofs.

More to come tomorrow………….😈