All Candidates Meeting October 19, 2016 from 7 – 9 pm. Union Bay Community Hall.


If you want your local government run by unbiased, objective individuals who will act in the best interest of the community, now and in the future, elect Jim Elliott, Susanna Kaljur and Cleve Goldswain.

The remaining Trustees who campaigned with the pages below refuse to answer any emails.  Just plain refuse.  Electing the three KIP supporters and we will return to the days when the Board thought if they voted on something it made it legal.  You can’t get elected and then refuse to be accountable for statements and actions.

They still claim KIP will pay for infrastructure to do with Langley Lake and the dam in spite of being corrected and refused to answer emails regarding this glaring error.  Why are they hiding?  Do they think we don’t know they are ignorant?

So all of this can be written off as bullshit.

confident trustees 2confident trustees 1

And their KIP supporting buddies running for election are no better.  A dream for Kensington – the UBID Board under his control…….again.

Why do you think McMahon said he could talk to the old board?  Why do you think McMahon is hanging on desperately to that expired agreement?  Who does that agreement benefit?  Kensington Island Properties or the Union Bay Improvement District (you)?

Why does this developer lie to the landowners about what has taken place regarding the expired 2011 WIA to get support?  Is the truth too ugly?