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We exercised our democratic right at the ballot box, but the rogue Imitation Union Bay Improvement District Board didn’t approve of the results. They’re staying.

I hope people are paying attention. My fear is that these incompetents have made important financial decisions with the same lack of due diligence. It’s pretty obvious they agree with each other and feel they are not accountable to the landowners because we are already locked out and they are happy to continue as they have been.

We know they never get legal advice prior to taking action. Who are they getting advice from? Surely, they would seek information from knowledgeable people – who? What else have they committed us to?

“I will listen to the needs of the people and help move us forward in the direction that you the landowner request.”

“I follow the model of: Research, Evaluate, Negotiate, Act”. “Let’s make Union Bay a place we can be proud to call our home!”

“All of us must make sure we are well informed and have true facts before casting our vote. We must ask questions and demand answers”.

“The people are never wrong.” “You can put the TRUST’ back into ‘TRUSTEE'”

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Email address for the Gov’t people assigned to Union Bay Improvement District file.

Thanks to the landowner who provided this important information!

Talked to Tara Faganello Assistant Deputy Minister  office Best email address is these are the people assigned to Union Bay UBID file

Good afternoon all,
Thanks to the landowners who have sent or talked to Government official; see attached
Union Bay landowners had to wait until a trustee election was held to elect trustees that they wanted April 20th has come and gone…
Trustee Elect Paul Healey 340 votes and Hein Vandenberg 343 votes in Union Bay Politics a overwhelming landslide.
Union Bay Landowners were told it’s a Union Bay matter, if you don’t like it sue the board, hire a lawyer, when election time comes elect the Trustees you want….
Trustee Kaljur  was elected twice and has injured harassment, bullying and had to hire a personal lawyer after the Board removed her from office…Trustee Kaljur hired a lawyer to get reinstated…
Trustees Elect Paul Healey and Hein Vandenburg are waiting to take their oath of office
Union Bay Landowners banned from using audio visual and recording devises, then banned from COW(committee of the whole) and monthly meetings, then all meeting cancelled, even the AGM.
Had enough YET….
Contacting the following phone and send a email, then document who you talked too and time, date and response.
Tara Faganello Assistant Deputy Minister  250-356-6575 the recommended e-mail that is directly related to Union Bay
Selena Robinson Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development Local Government Division    <>
250 387-2283  
Scott Fraser  Minister of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation
  250-720-4515 or toll free 1-866-870-4190  open the complaint button on the top of the page…nothing new for Union Bay (2014)

Spread the word and insist this government step up and return democracy to Union Bay. The NDP have lost my vote in the next election. I voted for Scott Fraser because he fought for his constituents. He was elected and now is too busy and only interested in covering his ass. I really believed he was different but it’s the same old same old just like the Liberals/McRae. Puppets to developers.

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Is there anyone who can convince the UBID Chair to read the bylaws, directives and policies which they took an oath to abide by? No legislative authority to hold AGM after April 30 according to Letters Patent – no matter what the dictator believes.

The reason we end up with lousy representatives is because they believe if they don’t hear from you, they assume they are doing a great job. So the ‘small group’ they are referring to consists of individuals who speak up and ask questions. They believe the entire rest of the community fully supports them because it’s ‘always the same people’ and no one else is complaining. They think being asked UBID questions is a waste of time and just don’t bother anymore. You need to tell them because they didn’t get your message when you voted!

Landowners are starting to take action. The following email is circulating. Contact Faganello – she created this mess and has allowed the dysfunction to continue refusing to step in.

Good morning all,
Union Bay chair confirms lame-duck trustees still working as trustees, despite election results…TIME FOR ACTION
Contacting the following phone and send a email, then document who you talked too and time, date and response.
Tara Faganello Assistant Deputy Minister   <>
Selena Robinson Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development Local Government Division    <>
250 387-2283  

Scott Fraser  Minister of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation
  250-720-4515 or toll free 1-866-870-4190  open the complaint button on the top of the page…nothing new for Union Bay (2014) 

Democracy demands action

The document underlined in red below is from the Trustees Handbook. You will notice it references the time period to hold the AGM is established in each Improvement District’s Letters Patent. We heard a lot about the Letters Patent over the years and it appears to be the bible when it comes to UBID.

It also states the AGM is usually between January 1 and May 1 with no legislative authority to be excepted from this requirement – even if Chair Haraldson thinks otherwise.

improvement districts, governance, trustees, policy

If you go the the UBID website under ‘bylaws and policies’ you will find the following with this link:

How can this board be so ignorant? Are they unable to grasp what is written? Red emphasis by me.

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Union Bay Improvement District board hi-jacked by individuals constantly making unlawful decisions – refuse to vacate even though one voted out and one didn’t run! Terms are expired.

A condensed version of why we are in this mess with the swearing in: Jan. 10, 2019 this board met excluding, and not advising Trustee Kaljur of the meeting where they voted to (unlawfully) ‘suspend’ Trustee Kaljur and also changed the dates of the election and the AGM. The AGM has always been before the final vote as it is the meeting for the landowners to be presented with the opportunity to review the financial statements, have the trustees and administrative respond to questions and concerns, etc. and cast their ballot being informed. This board at their unlawfully held meeting Jan. 9, 2019 unlawfully changed the AGM to after the election. So now after screwing that process up they are trying to use the rules they violated to justify their continued unlawful actions.

We know these people do not obtain legal advice and just plow ahead making up their versions of what is legal. They are under the impression their terms don’t end until they allow the new trustees to be sworn in even though one was voted out and the other one didn’t run for re election.

Look at what he is claiming without seeking legal advice or word back from the ministry. He just makes up crazy shit. Their term is up – it doesn’t extend beyond the legal term. There are currently three existing legally held trustee positions which give them a quorum. The board functions as long as there is a quorum. Loxam and Jacques are no longer trustees and can’t represent landowners when their terms have expired – has nothing to do with when the new trustees are sworn in. It is not essential for the board to have five trustees to carry out their duties during the transition especially when the terms of two of them have expired . Their terms are not extended based on the oath being taken. More bs being fed to the landowners.

“Until their term is up, the term is up when we swear in the new trustees,” said Haraldson.
“Their term is not completed until the new trustees are sworn in. All trustees have to be sworn in, before they begin their term.”

It’s another example of why this administrator must go. A professional qualified administrator would have determined the correct procedures for the dates of the AGM and election abiding by the bylaws and policies in place. Instead we have an administrator who appears to be a funky willing to carry out unlawful acts dreamed up by the chair. The administrator is expected to remain neutral and loyal only to the Improvement District on behalf of the landowners no matter who the trustees are. That is not what we have now. We have an administrator who conspired to exclude a duly elected trustee from receiving material distributed to all trustees and then fabricated false minutes from unlawful meetings. They had no problem firing the fire chief. Let’s show this unqualified and unprofessional the same door and perp walk him out like he did to the fire chief.

People need to send a clear message and force this dictatorship to end. They count on people not speaking up. That’s how they keep getting away with unlawful actions. We have been told by the Ministry our only option is at the ballot box and we used that democratic tool only to have it cast aside by those unwilling to concede defeat.

The board has taken one paragraph in the Meeting Procedures Bylaw 263 to justify their actions while completely ignoring the rest of the bylaw. Cherry picking what to adhere to and what to ignore. You get the government you deserve – is this what Union Bay deserves? Grow a backbone folks – people fought and died for you to live in a democracy.

So if the community allows this board to continually make unlawful decisions and the new trustees wait for the process of being sworn in to be done legally – you are fools. A clear message must be sent that Union Bay landowners demand democracy and insist that the newly elected trustees take their positions. The community has sent a clear message who they want to represent them and it is not Loxam and Jaques.

Union Bay chair confirms lame-duck trustees still working as trustees, despite election results

James Wood

James Wood, staff Thursday, Apr. 25th, 2019

 Union Bay trustees Peter Jacques and Glenn Loxam are pictured in a pair of Vista Radio file photos. Image by James Wood/98.9 The Goat/Vista Radio

UNION BAY, B.C- Despite last weekend’s election, the trustee board of Union Bay doesn’t have any official new faces just yet.

The stalled handover of power from trustees Glenn Loxam and Peter Jacques to inbound trustees Paul Healey and Hein Vandenberg has been confirmed by trustee board chair Ted Haraldson, who spoke with the newsroom on Thursday.

The previous day, Haraldson had announced the postponement of the community’s annual general meeting, set for this evening, due to fears of violence at the event.


After the announcement, there were concerns that Haraldson had acted unilaterally, given trustee Susanna Kaljur’s opposition to the decision and trustee Rick Bitten’s absence.

However, Haraldson stated today that outgoing trustees Glenn Loxam and Peter Jacques had voted in favour of the decision.

“The new trustees that were voted in, they haven’t been sworn in, so they’re officially not trustees until they’re sworn in as trustees and do the oath, which they wish to do after the AGM,” said Haraldson.

Asked if that was a process laid out in a bylaw for Union Bay, Haraldson stated that the new trustees were “not official” until they swear an oath of office, under rules laid out by the province. This means Jacques and Loxam will remain in office, until the community’s annual general meeting.

“You usually have an inauguration, and you welcome Paul and Hein in, have them swear the oath, and they become trustees,” said Haraldson.

“It’s quite simple.”

As for whether or not he was comfortable with that chain of events, Haraldson indicated he was.

Because of what happened the other day, at this COW (committee of the whole) meeting that never got off the ground, I was concerned about the safety of all concerned, for employees of the improvement district, the landowners, I want an AGM that is going to be under control,” said Haraldson.

“I do not want people to be getting into the confrontations we had the other day, especially with 200 people.”

He was also comfortable with Loxam and Jacques remaining as trustees.

“Until their term is up, the term is up when we swear in the new trustees,” said Haraldson.

“Their term is not completed until the new trustees are sworn in. All trustees have to be sworn in, before they begin their term.”

He hadn’t heard back from the provincial municipal affairs ministry about the re-scheduling of the AGM when speaking to the newsroom, but said residents should not go to the community hall tonight.

A request for comment on the entire situation has been sent to the provincial municipal affairs ministry.

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From 2 bullies who planned and participated in the disruption of the Oct. 19, 2016 All Candidates Meeting – now they’re trying to pass themselves off as pillars of the community?

Took this excerpt from Susanna Kaljur’s blog. I added the red font.

And then we have this today. Tries to put forth the big shot attitude in an attempt to hide the paranoia.

Here’s how the big shot is allowed to interrupt without being put in his place by the chair. Out of order 9 times in one meeting and never reprimanded.

Here’s a good post about the non research guy:

What I found so funny about these two is that they obviously believe everyone uses the same dirty tactics they employ as displayed in the video. That’s why they don’t know what to do when something unexpected crops up. They are paranoid as displayed in the post Jednorog put on her blog – see below, so they think anything that happens must be a plot or planned.

Here is the first version of hysterical Jednorog’s claim of being assaulted. Here is Jednorog’s website where she keeps Union Bay landowners informed:

This is the second version where she admits Haraldson, Bitten and Jednorog planned the disruption because they were paranoid believing they were being set up for an ‘ambush’. These folks need some medication to counter the rampant paranoia.

Here’s an article written by an impartial witness at the Oct. 19, 2016 meeting:

You’ll hear Bitten towards the end throw insults as he leaves. This was a planned disruption. Haraldson doesn’t appear in the video clip but he’s the one telling me to be quiet when I object to Jednorog highjacking the meeting. The “J” is Lone Jednorog.

In Oct. 2016, I provided the RCMP with my video and they must have come to the conclusion that Jednorog was employing ‘alternative facts’ after listening to what transpired since none of the of the claims matched up – all fabricated.

The 2 other landowners on Tues. showed up thinking there was going to be a swearing in of the new trustees. That was the plan.

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The Union Bay Improvement District Dictator flexing his muscle – now he’s got a lot to say after months of ‘no comment’

Remember how many articles were published with ‘no comment’?

Looks like the Record visited my blog and copied the audio recording. “In a recording of Tuesday’s meeting obtained by the Record..”Hope they come back and post the video clips. Thanks to The Record and the Goat aka mycomoxvalleynow for shining a light on the rot in Union Bay.

Photo courtesy of JET Productions

Union Bay AGM postponed after unruly meeting

Following an unruly meeting Tuesday, the Union Bay Improvement District’s Annual General Meeting has been cancelled until further notice.

The AGM was in the calendar for Thursday evening, but board chair Ted Haraldson released a statement that the meeting has been cancelled “for the safety of landowners, trustees, staff and consultants.”

This statement came after Tuesday’s gathering of board members, staff and community members which resulted in arguments before the scheduled committee of the whole meeting even started.

According to Haraldson’s statement, the intention of the meeting was to give the Oath of Office to Paul Healey and Hein Vandenberg, the two successful candidates of the recent election. Results of the 2018 audit were also to be discussed in a closed meeting.

Healey and Vandenberg declined to be sworn in at Tuesday’s meeting and have chosen to be sworn in following the AGM.

According to Union Bay’s bylaws, the inaugural meeting must be held following the AGM but no later than 30 days after.

In a recording of Tuesday’s meeting obtained by the Record, Susanna Kaljur and administrator Gordon Mason were in a disagreement about the timing of the inaugural meeting. Kaljur did not think it was appropriate to have the new trustees sworn in before the AGM.

The disagreements escalated and resulted in Tuesday’s meeting ending within minutes of it starting. Haraldson’s release states that three staff members had to leave the office and the RCMP were called.

According to Haraldson, the AGM will be rescheduled once he has had the opportunity to discuss with the province a way to move UBID forward safely, such as appointing a Ministry facilitator to moderate the AGM.

“The issue of forceful outbursts and disruption of UBID public meetings has been ongoing for the past decade and the public meeting environment has to improve for the landowners of Union Bay,” he said.

Thursday morning, Union Bay’s 2018 audited financial statements were made available on their website and can be viewed here. The statements were to be discussed at the AGM.

The chief administrative officer report, public works report and fire rescue services report can be accessed here.