As another landowner said – Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

3 years we have suffered with unqualified staff being paid top dollar and moonlighting. Decisions made by unqualified individual for 3 years – think about that. Plus, let’s not forget the two remaining staff were hired and trained by this guy – and they joined a union for protection.

I didn’t think we could do worse than the staff during the Godfrey, McDowell boards – I was wrong – this admin was the worst ever!

Get real – an announcement that he’s retiring the next day. Bullshit, thanking him for his contribution to the community. This was a well deserved firing, in my opinion, and the last thing anyone should be offering is thanks.

The Loxam, Bitten, Jacques board hired this guy with zero government experience. FFS hire a qualified person until we become a service area and ditch this hillbilly system.

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This post explains the question being asked of the admin in the video clip below: http://union-bay-improvement-district-admins-alternative-facts