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The letter Trustee Bitten wants a legal opinion on before it is read out to the public.

I sent the following email to Chair Healey Aug. 16, 2019. Trustee Bitten didn’t want it read out tonight and wants a legal opinion. Funny, he didn’t want a legal opinion on the EXPIRED 2011 Water Infrastructure Agreement, ‘suspending’ a fellow Trustee or locking out the electorate, etc. I had to look it up because emails seem to go into email limbo and Chair Healey couldn’t provide a date.

Hello Chair Healey,
Please note:  I am addressing the violations of the bylaw – not Kaljur’s suspension – regarding the decision to ‘approve’ or ‘receive’ Jan. 17, 2019 minutes based on proper procedures.  

I would like to provide information as to the lack of procedures for Union Bay Improvement District meetings to follow up on Trustee Kaljur’s concerns regarding the violations of the Meeting Procedures Bylaw #263/270 specifically the Jan. 10 COW meeting and Jan. 17 UBID board meeting.  There were no agendas published for either meeting and the only notice referencing the Jan. 17, 2019 meeting was referenced in the Jan. Landowners Update which advises the meeting is not open to the public.  (screenshot attached).
I attempted to attend the UBID meeting at the Community Hall Jan. 17, 2019 along with reporter James Wood from the Goat Radio station.  James was advised by Jody (hall person) the meeting had been moved.  The next day the following article was published by James Wood.
The emails below my signature are the ones sent out by UBID admin from Jan. 1 through Jan. 28, 2019.  Note there is no agenda notice of the Jan. 17, 2019 Board meeting and no notice of the COW meeting Jan. 10 which is referenced in counsel Jason Gratl’s letter to the board (attached). The name of the recipient has been removed by request.

I understand you are new to the position.  The problem lies with not having a qualified admin and you are never going to be effective with someone who spends their time trying to cover up the fact they don’t know the job.  You can have five great trustees but if you don’t have a qualified admin – you are spinning your wheels. The admin is supposed to be the one ‘constant’ that keeps the district running and is not political.  A professional qualified admin would never exclude a trustee from receiving all correspondence sent to other trustees – their loyalty is to the improvement district – not to certain trustees.  This admin as made a habit of excluding trustees.

I know you did not approve of my question regarding how you can trust this admin to provide you with all information regarding the governance study.  It is a valid concern since there is a history of this admin withholding correspondence from trustees he doesn’t seem to like.  Another example to add to the January meeting problems is the FACT the admin withheld a letter from UBID’s counsel regarding bylaw 264 which was received in July 2018 and yet Kaljur and Elliott didn’t receive it until the day it was voted on at the Oct. 2018 board meeting.

This board is unable to function if you do not have reference material when voting on motions.  Last night was a perfect example.  Trustee Vandenberg wasn’t comfortable voting on the motion for a temporary FOI person.  The material was not provided by the admin.  This has been the pattern leading to poor decisions or simply being forgotten.

What safeguards are in place to ensure the entire board is aware of all correspondence regarding the governance study?  It has proven to be easy for the admin to simply distribute info as he sees fit.  I have every reason to believe this admin will sabotage any attempt to become a service area just as he has since the motion was passed in Nov. 2017.  The admin and Bitten obviously conspired to prevent the study and introduced municipality status at the Jan. 2018 meeting when it had never been discussed by the board.  It is no secret KIP, Bitten and Haraldson have all pushed municipality status and their relationship with KIP is far too cosy imo.

Why isn’t this admin attending meetings?  How can questions be answered when the admin is never there?  The deputy CAO was supposedly hired to fill in for the admin – where was she?  Why do we have staff that are dictating what functions they will perform? Weren’t they hired knowing what was expected of them?

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The gong show creator (and self appointed Chair) panicked and took over the meeting telling the guy operating the video camera to turn it off because “we’re gonna get sued!”

The sooner we get rid of this form of government, the better. Yes, it’s great the Chair is going to get more training on how to run a meeting. Doesn’t make a bloody difference if the admin doesn’t know procedure – the meetings will continue to be a gong show.

Months go by and nothing happens on matters discussed endlessly with no progress. The FOIPPA is a perfect example. Over the last 3 years there has been no adhering to the rules governing FOIPPA with trustees who have shown no interest in educating themselves and instead spout off what they ‘think’ FOIPPA is. At the COW meeting Sept. 12, 2019, there was a motion made but there was no recommendation from that COW meeting brought forward tonight so that the Trustees could vote and approve it. So now we sit again for another month with 3 staff who should have been trained and were not.

Listen to the misinformation regarding the contents of the letter from the ministry. Didn’t they read the letter? It clearly states (3rd paragraph) it is the incorporation (municipality) study that could take more than a year. Why are they claiming it’s the conversion to be a service area that would take that long? Absolutely false information and a sloppy way to run a government office.

It’s interesting how offended some trustees get when requested to speak up. Trustee Vandenberg put on a lovely display of exaggeration with arms flailing because I asked him to speak up. Seems to have gotten under his skin since he had to draw attention to the fact I record the meetings. Wow – Inspector Clouseau can’t be fooled. Oh, forgive me for paying attention and wanting to hear what is stated your highness.

I do offer praise to Trustee Vandenberg as he appeared to be the only trustee not guilty of speaking without the Chair’s approval tonight.

We have 2 trustees who were involved in this physical altercation on Oct. 19, 2016 who were candidates and planned the disruption – Rick Bitten and Ted Haraldson. They stood outside and planned to disrupt the All Candidates Meeting because they couldn’t face questions from the public. Then Apr. 23, 2019 Ted Haraldson approached landowners in a threatening fashion at the COW meeting and is claiming the threats came from the 3 landowners (including me). At the 2018 AGM Trustee Bitten and his son harassed a landowner who had asked a question these two didn’t approve of.

There are bullies in our community and they are on our board! You will note I am the only one trying to stop the physical altercation and Bitten shoves me and Haraldson tells me to be quiet. I don’t need to resort to anything physical – I use words as my weapon.

Violence – Trustee Bitten has decided the dictionaries are wrong and that he knows the definition of violence which he claims has happened at the UBID meetings. When asked to provide examples of the violence, he is unable and wants to lump in disruptions as violence. Someone clue this guy in.

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The UBID Gong Show characters are still in control – stalling tactics to prevent moving forward

The sooner we become a service area, the better. We have the worst form of government with an improvement district. Trustees pulling unlawful acts knowing the only remedy is to take them to court.

Look at the agenda – zip after months of no meetings. Looks like this is going to be another non meeting. Questions from the public will be answered through the CAO report. What questions?

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Kensington Island Properties/Union Bay Estates Liberal buddies at the Ministry manipulate bylaws – protecting a developer instead of landowners.

NOTE: The legal opinion regarding Bylaw 264 was received July 12, 2017 from UBID’s lawyer and yet Trustee Kaljur stated she only received it Oct 12, 2017 – the day of the meeting. Another example of this Admin withholding documents from certain Trustees. It’s pretty obvious Kaljur was kept out of the loop since Bitten had his motion ready to kill Bylaw 264. KIP got his flunkies to keep that opinion secret so the new Water Agreement with KIP used the old Bylaw 176. KIP has been running the community since these tools were elected. Fire this Admin!!!

This is what an individual received from a Freedom of Information request regarding Union Bay Improvement District Bylaw 264. NOTE: it took two years to get this information. The first response was insufficient and the individual persisted and received this: It’s a dog’s breakfast so you are going to have to use those brain cells to understand what has transpired. This bylaw was worked on over a 2 year period by the professional Administrator we had (what a loss) because the previous bylaw was so old and out of date – bylaw 176 from 2004 consolidated to bylaw 227 in 2010.

The FOI has many duplicates and the emails are not always in order of date. It’s over 200 pages but it contains the bylaw and forms and regulations with emails every once in a while.

The Bylaw was approved by the board Chaired by Carol Molstad in March 2016. The Ministry wanted some changes and the Board approved it at the June 15, 2016 meeting. The Ministry failed to “register” it with the Inspector and kept stalling.

The following 2 pages have been extracted to show the Ministry wanted to know what concerns KIP had with a subdivision bylaw. WTF? Another example of the dirty backroom deals in favour of this sleazy developer by the Liberal Government – and those people are still there. Faganello, Mueller, etc. with their fingers on the scales in favour of KIP. Look at the bullet points for answers to be given when questions are asked.

“Jim” would be James Mattison, the facilitator appointed by Liberal Minister Fassbender before he was turfed. Why did the Ministry get involved when they claim they never interfere in local government? He was appointed because KIP threw a hissy fit when the honest board wouldn’t extend an expired agreement.

Then we have this page that mentions good ole Liberal Don McRae, a KIP buddy who refused to verify he attended the Nov. 2015 meeting with KIP, Jacques, Godfrey and Fassbender crying the blues. Look at the wording “Its mentioned there’s a building bylaw passed by UBID in late March 2016 and that its supposedly designed to severely limit potential development.” More sleaze from those who cater to this developer.

This is from the pro Kip candidates election flyer. Who do you think instructed them to claim there were problems with Bylaw 264? So in Mar. 2016 when the Ministry staff has been advised KIP has concerns over the bylaw – Loxam and Jacques speculate that “It is doubtful that his bylaw will be approved by the minister office, at least in it’s present form.” These two brainiacs didn’t come up with this on their own. They were just KIP flunkies.

Pages 3 and 4 from the June 15, 2016 board meeting

So this is the board who claimed they were concerned over some of the bylaws and policies that were years old but instead of approving Bylaw 264 which had been worked on for 2 years, they used a bylaw that was from 2010 because KIP didn’t like the new bylaw. Pro KIP trustee Bitten put forth a motion to kill bylaw 264 to please a developer. We managed to remove 2 pro KIP trustees – two down – two to go. 🙂

Bylaw 264 discussed at the June 15, 2017 meeting. They agree to get a legal opinion on the bylaw.

Then at the Oct. 12, 2017 meeting Bylaw 264 is killed by the pro KIP trustees after receiving the legal opinion. Bitten claims the 12 points raised by UBID’s lawyer “…would be expensive since we already have bylaw 176 in place.”

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UBID Inaugural meeting to swear in Trustee Hein Vandenberg – don’t breath a sigh of relief until Paul Healey is sworn in.

When Gary Nason Chairs a UBID meeting, there are actually questions allowed from the landowners present. What a concept!

The Admin sat sandwiched in between the two consultants for protection and non answered questions posed.

Again, he managed to screw up the questions asked at the AGM.

Mrknowitall reiterated how busy the admin is and doesn’t have time for a governance study. We’re talking millions of dollars and mrknowitall appears to think we should sit and pay every red cent because the admin is too busy.

Mrknowitall doesn’t have any plans for the future as far as financial relief goes but is hell bent against a governance study. Wants us to continue with this corrupt form of government indefinitely.

Here’s the Q & A from the AGM – screwed up of course. Why are we paying twice as much for admin and getting lousy service even after a deputy was hired?