UBID. Does it make you feel better knowing other towns are run by incompetents?

Bring on the conversion to become a service area of the CVRD - We are being governed by individuals displaying the Dunning Kruger effect. Why didn't the UBID Admin follow the news release of May 1, 2020 from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing? There certainly was no hesitation to inform landowners we wouldn't... Continue Reading →

Secretive/dysfunctional UBID board meeting tonight @ 7 pm – no questions allowed even though landowners are funding 100% of the increases they have planned.

Any guesses on how much of an increase in Admin costs for 2020 landowners are funding? As you can see below, the costs doubled from 2017 to 2019. $91,981 to $184,052. I had heard the previous (qualified professional) Admin's pay was around $65,000/year and had 2 part time staff. An Admin who responded to correspondence... Continue Reading →

Some important information from the Ministry

Noticed there are 2 new posts on Susanna Kaljur's blog: https://unionbay.news.blog/2019/10/15/whats-in-your-wallet/ and this one containing the letter below: https://unionbay.news.blog/2019/10/14/ministry-letter-to-trustees/ You will note it's the Ministry who advises Paul Healey resigned - not a peep from those great elected trustees and admin. This letter is in response to Sept. 12 and 14 emails - before the... Continue Reading →

Union Bay Improvement District by-election. To vote for another person who will promise transparency until after they are elected and then no questions allowed?

So, here we go again. Someone promising to be transparent, honest, accountable and then suddenly the landowners asking questions becomes a major problem once they are elected. Typical Union Bay. Look at what the candidates who were elected promised. How many of them actually followed through on their promises? Two kept their word, and the... Continue Reading →

No questions allowed at UBID public meeting approving a budget landowners are funding. Can’t face the public – CVRD looking better every day.

Wow - the arrogance of these people. No questions allowed and won't answer correspondence. Is this what you voted for?https://drive.google.com/file/d/16UbZ5tAIYr4b9TRFDTMrdS7JXLwh4xOP/view Still haven't advised Paul Healey is no longer a trustee but looks like we're heading to the polls again. Another reason to get rid of this lousy form of government - Union Bay is in... Continue Reading →

The letter Trustee Bitten wants a legal opinion on before it is read out to the public.

I sent the following email to Chair Healey Aug. 16, 2019. Trustee Bitten didn't want it read out tonight and wants a legal opinion. Funny, he didn't want a legal opinion on the EXPIRED 2011 Water Infrastructure Agreement, 'suspending' a fellow Trustee or locking out the electorate, etc. I had to look it up because... Continue Reading →

The gong show creator (and self appointed Chair) panicked and took over the meeting telling the guy operating the video camera to turn it off because “we’re gonna get sued!”

The sooner we get rid of this form of government, the better. Yes, it's great the Chair is going to get more training on how to run a meeting. Doesn't make a bloody difference if the admin doesn't know procedure - the meetings will continue to be a gong show. Months go by and nothing... Continue Reading →

The UBID Gong Show characters are still in control – stalling tactics to prevent moving forward

The sooner we become a service area, the better. We have the worst form of government with an improvement district. Trustees pulling unlawful acts knowing the only remedy is to take them to court. Look at the agenda - zip after months of no meetings. Looks like this is going to be another non meeting.... Continue Reading →

Kensington Island Properties/Union Bay Estates Liberal buddies at the Ministry manipulate bylaws – protecting a developer instead of landowners.

NOTE: The legal opinion regarding Bylaw 264 was received July 12, 2017 from UBID's lawyer and yet Trustee Kaljur stated she only received it Oct 12, 2017 - the day of the meeting. Another example of this Admin withholding documents from certain Trustees. It's pretty obvious Kaljur was kept out of the loop since Bitten... Continue Reading →

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